Empowering Girls Through STEM.

Girls Code the World is a 501(c)(3) domestic nonprofit corporation that provides opportunities, resources, and role models for young girls in STEM-related fields through a series of education programs and extended mentorships.

What We Do

We empower girls to not just enter STEM fields, but to become leaders in these fields by instilling confidence through mentorship.

We focus on a holistic education that centers around a tangible understanding of real-life applications to coding, natural sciences, and engineering skills.

We encourage collaboration and strong communication by facilitating team activities and projects.

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Why Us?

Girls Code the World has a unique approach to mentorship and leadership. We believe in the value of providing active role models that feel attainable and relatable, which means connecting them with passionate females of all ages.

We also create specialized curriculum for specific schools by working with their STEM teachers and collaborating on lesson plans that build off of the previous year and prepare girls for the upcoming year.

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What Partners Say

“I’m from an agency that works with homeless and at-risk youth. This summer, Girls Code the World provided our agency with the opportunity to work with two very talented students! These students were not only intelligent and very knowledgeable about the subjects they taught, but they were also very kind, patient and generous. Not only did they supply our kids with STEM activities to do from home, but they also instructed and inspired them through facilitating educational workshops over video conference.

Pulling all of this off over Zoom brought a whole new set of obstacles that they approached in a flexible and creative way that allowed ALL of our children to succeed. Watching the kids create their own ecosystems, build Bristol Bots, learn how to code, and much more, was such a delight. It’s especially important for our kids to be educated and exposed to those sorts of activities, and this summer, despite COVID-19, they made that happen!”


What Participants Say

“I got an amazing experience to work with many amazing people, and the projects were lots of fun.”

Girls Code the World Participant ~ July 2020

“It was very fun and inclusive!”

Girls Code the World Participant ~ July 2020

“I had lots of fun and I learned things about science and engineering.”

Girls Code the World Participant ~ July 2020

“It was really fun to do and I liked how the teachers explained everything in both the videos and class.”

Girls Code the World Participant ~ July 2020

100% of Public Programming participants stated that Girls Code the World fulfilled all of their expectations.

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