For Students

You can become a role model and mentor for young girls.

Girls Code the World wants to provide tangible role models for young girls, and that starts with high school and college girls, like yourself, who are passionate about STEM and leadership.


You have the opportunity to apply to be a Facilitator in our organization. This means you would implement our curriculum in your own community and lead a program by yourself or with another Faciliatator.


We will be hosting conferences throughout the year that will focus on leadership skills, professional development, effective communication, and more. These conferences will be an opportunity for you to grow as a student, leader, and advocate.


Through our Aspire Program, you can be a Mentor to a younger girl. At Girls Code the World, we feel it is extremely important to have active role models that are of all ages. As a Mentor, you would be paired with a young girl and participate in different acitives facilitated by the organization.


When you join the Girls Code the World community, you will be connected with other girls your age, with females in academia, with women in the workforce, and so many more people who are passionate about STEM like you! You will have the opportunity to collaborate with these people and make connections.

Help Us Grow Our Program

Girls Code the World is looking to grow our mentorship program and make this a valuable experience for YOU so that you get something out of it. Please fill our our survey to help us understand your interests. We value your input immensely!

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