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Why Girls Code the World?

Girls Code the World is unique in its philsophy surrounding role models and its method of developing curriculum.


We believe in the value of providing active role models that feel attainable and relatable, which means connecting them with passionate females of all ages.

We connect these girls with high school and college girls who are passionate about STEM and are trained to be a supportive resource for your child.

The mentors provide academic advice, college tips, information about summer programs or other extracurricular activities, and they act a tangible role model in your daughter’s life.


We create specialized curriculum for specific schools by working with their STEM teachers and collaborating on lesson plans that build off of the previous year and prepare girls for the upcoming year.

In the past we have collaborated with teachers at the Christina Seix Academy to model after their curriculum, but in the future we will be creating curriculum that reflects the curriculum of other school districts in the Bucks County of PA and Mercer County of NJ.

An individual does not go from a high school student to an established professor overnight. It is important to show that this journey is not linear and will most likely involve overcoming aspects of one’s background and other struggles in order to reach certain goals.

Mina Shokoufandeh
Founder of girls code the world and Student at Tufts University

Mina Shokoufandeh is one of the founders of Girls Code the World, and is currently an undergraduate student in the School of Arts and Sciences at Tufts University.

Upcoming Programs

Girls Code the World has hosted three online summer programs this year. two of these programs were for specific schools/organizations, the Christina Seix Academy and HomeFront organization. Girls Code the World hosted one public program through The Pennington School Summer Programs as well. Our program this year has consisted of a variety of online lessons, pre-recorded videos for students to watch and build, and a package that was sent to them containing materials for the program and fun activities to do on their own.

Throughout the school year, Girls Code the World plans to hold virtual bi-monthly programming sessions in the evenings. Dates, costs, and further information about the program will be posted here by the beginning of September 2020. If you are interested in learning more about what you can expect for this online program, feel free to contact us. If you would like to stay updated on our programming information as it comes out, please subscribe to our Parent Newsletter below.

Every day the students arrive excited to learn and be here, they leave mesmerized and electrified about the new things they learned, and at the end, they are inspired.


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