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We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and it is important to us that our program puts no financial burden on our participants and their families. There are several ways to support Girls Code the World to ensure our mission.

Our Beliefs

We believe in a world where girls have the resources and opportunities to excel as a female in STEM from a young age. They should feel confident, driven, and supported throughout their journey navigating high school, college applications, academia, and the professional world.

Girls Code the World partners with corporations who share our mission of promoting the inclusion of women in STEM and providing the resources these populations need to find such success.

How You Can Donate

Organizations or companies can partner with Girls Code the World as a Financial Partner and/or an Industry Partner. Individual donors can partner with Girls Code the World under one of those categories or can explore other options with the Board of Directors.

Financial Partner

Financial Partners provide grants, monetary donations, or material donations to Girls Code the World. In return, Financial Partners work with the Board of Directors to determine a level of company advertising or promotion that makes the partnership mutually beneficial. They also may be eligible for tax deductions depending on the level of donation.

Industry Partner

Industry Partners leverage their resources to expand the impact on women and girls at Girls Code the World. This includes, but is not limited to: promoting our work and message, providing space for programming, hosting conferences, supplying mentors for the Aspire Program, allowing educational visits about corporate or academic STEM, and more.

Individual Donors

Individual Donors can contact us to craft a relationship with Girls Code the World that supports our values and you feel comfortable about. Financial support goes a long way in funding our programs but is also used to host conferences and leadership development workshops for many young women passionate about STEM.

Our Classification

Girls Code the World is a domestic nonprofit corporation. It is also an IRS approved 501(c)(3) organization, which means that donations will be tax-deductible. Contact us for more information.

Looking Forward

To date, Girls Code the World has reached about fifty girls in the Central New Jersey area. Moving forward, some of our goals are:

  • Partnering with at least four schools to run virtual bi-monthly sessions with specialized curriculum and shipping girls a MakerBox with all required building materials
  • Training new high school and college girls in teaching these virtual programs to prepare them to implement the Girls Code the World curriculum in their own communities in-person next summer
  • Connecting all of our interested previous program participants with a mentor in the Aspire Program by the end of 2020
  • Raising $25,000 in funding by May 2021 to provide experiences for more girls throughout Summer 2021
  • Building a modular approach that allows us to streamline adaptation to our camps to align with school’s curriculum

For more information or access to our Executive Summary, you can contact us.

By The Numbers


How much money it costs to send one girl through our program


How much it costs to fund one entire program that hosts twelve girls


How much Girls Code the World is looking to raise by May 2021

What Our Programs Look Like

Girls Code the World was an amazing asset for our virtual program this summer.  Mina and Sydney were wonderful to work with.  They were reliable, relatable, and flexible as we all tried to navigate virtual programming.  Girls Code the World provides quality programming that taught our kids a lot, while doing so in a fun and engaging way.  We were extremely fortunate to have them as part of our virtual program this summer!”

Brian Helmuth
Homefront Inc.
Director of Lawrence community Center

Brian Helmuth is the Director of the Lawrence Community Center in Mercer County, New Jersey. He oversaw the partnership between HomeFront Inc. and Girls Code the World in August 2020.