How Can You Make An Impact?


In 2018, Girls Code the World was funded by an anonymous donation to The Pennington School’s Applied Science Program. In 2019, Girls Code the World was funded by Drexel University’s CCI Program. In 2020, Mina and Sydney were accepted into Happy Valley LaunchBox’s Summer Founder’s Program, a program that provides a grant to startups, entrepreneurial pursuits, and nonprofits to develop their business or organization.

Looking Forward

To date, Girls Code the World has reached dozens of girls in the Central New Jersey area. Through the 2020 Summer Founders Program, we are looking to expand our program in many ways including:

  • Reaching a larger audience of young girls and more schools
  • Creating variations of our curriculum that are catered to specific schools Working with a virtual platform to reach girls remotely
  • Developing a mentorship program with high school and college girls so they can implement our curriculum in their own communities
  • Hosting conferences that center around female leadership in STEM

How You Can Get Involved

There are several ways to show your support for Girls Code the World. For more information, you can contact us below.


You can help fund our program so that we can continue reaching a larger audience of young girls, provide more leadership opportunitites for high school girls to teach and share their passions, and expand our mentorship program and conference series.


We can connect with you either in-person, over the phone, or via email to discuss what your role could be within Girls Code the World. This could include providing expertise in curriculum, connecting us with corporate partners, giving insight on promoting diversity and inclusion, and more.


You can promote our program within your community, including: your school district to gain participants, your business or company to gain funding and/or expertise, or your friends to encourage them to get involved themselves!

Dr. Deborah Wright on Why She Chose to Speak at Girls Code the World:

“I became involved with Girls Code the World to let young women know about career possibilities in the STEM field and that each person has a different path to get somewhere and reach their goals in life.”

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