Our Teaching Theory

Scope and Sequence Method

According to research, girls perform better when they are surrounded by those like them in their classes and when they have role models that they seem themselves in. Girls Code the World applies this method and by having diverse female teachers, speakers, and participants.

We use a Scope and Sequence planning method to create lesson plans, as outlined in the “Key to Success” Sample Lesson Plan download above.

This method allows us to visualize the progression of thought and understanding of our participants. All of our Lesson Plans begin with a Warm-Up that engages the minds of the girls, and all Lesson Plans end with a conclusion that encourages the girls to make real world connections and create tangible understandings.

Our Specialized Curriculum

Our curriculum has been specifically designed to build off of the Christina Seix Academy’s fifth grade STEM curriculum and prepare the girls for their sixth grade year by providing enriching experiences and developing their STEM problem-solving skills.

Our Scope and Sequence was developed in collaboration with elementary and middle school science, math, and technology teachers at Christina Seix Academy. Residence Life Coordinators have also provided insight on the curriculum to ensure its holisticness.

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