Intern Feature: Cayleigh Haag

Girls Code the World is excited to bring our Intern Feature Series to you, starting off with one of our most devoted interns, Cayleigh Haag! Cayleigh attends Central Bucks High School West. At West, she is involved in Girls Varsity Cross Country and Track team. She is also a member of the Girls STEM Club and ScienceContinue reading “Intern Feature: Cayleigh Haag”

Day 7-10 of Girls Code the World: CSA Programming

Days 7 through 10 of Girls Code the World: Christina Seix Academy Edition were exciting and jam-packed. The girls worked on and experienced a variety of projects/events, from live chemistry demonstrations by a chemistry teacher, to 3D printing their own keychains, to listening to the Chief Engineer of the Air Force One Project at Boeing talk about her path.

Day 4, 5, and 6 of Girls Code the World: CSA Programming

Days 4 and 5 were followed by a restful weekend, and then back to work for Day 6 this past Monday. Days 4, 5, and 6 were filled with the perfect mixture of fun hands-on activities and information speakers.

Day 2 and 3 of Girls Code the World: CSA Programming

We are officially done with Hour 9 of Girls Code the World for the 2020 year. The past two days have been filled with everything from complex coding to building tiny robots on the heads of a toothbrush and eating snacks while listening to the most recent pop songs. Our schedule for Day 2 wasContinue reading “Day 2 and 3 of Girls Code the World: CSA Programming”

Girls Code the World and The Pennington School: A Shining Partnership

Gibbard and Shokoufandeh always felt like they had access to a multitude of resources and felt supported by The Pennington School’s community to pursue their goals in STEM.

Entrepreneur Assistance Clinic Coverage

Girls Code the World was featured in an article written by Miranda Buckheit, a Communications Strategist in the Harold & Inge Marcus Department of Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering at Penn State University.