Our Team

Our Team is dedicated to delivering the mission of Girls Code the World in an equitable, accessible, and tangible way. Our Board of Directors has members with a variety of skills, interests, experiences, and expertise.

Our Story

Sydney Gibbard and Mina Shokoufandeh began thinking about founding Girls Code the World in 2018 when they were juniors at The Pennington School in Pennington, New Jersey.

Sydney and Mina decided to found a program for girls to explore STEM as a result of their own inspiring experiences with female role models.

Historically, the program has been hosted in a one week-long camp program format in partnership with the Christina Seix Academy located in Trenton, NJ. Christina Seix Academy (CSA) is a school entirely funded by donors that provides high-level education to communities who wouldn’t have the opportunity otherwise. The school primarily serves low-income and minority families.

Christina Seix Academy agreed to send their twelve sixth-grade girls to Pennington for one week in July 2018 to work with Sydney and Mina on STEM-related topics and Girls Code the World has hosted all twelve sixth grade girls in the summer of 2018 and 2019. The program builds upon CSA’s curriculum and introduces the girls to lifelong opportunities in STEM.

The program is now in its third year and will be accommodating a larger group of girls. It has also been adapted to an online platform in an effort to still provide opportunity and resources to girls despite COVID-19 circumstances.

“Every day the students arrive excited to learn and be here, they leave mesmerized and electrified about the new things they learned, and at the end of the Program, they are inspired.”

Elliot Coates, Director of Summer Programs at The Pennington School
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