Our Team

Our Team is dedicated to delivering the mission of Girls Code the World in an equitable, accessible, and tangible way. Our Board of Directors has members with a variety of skills, interests, experiences, and expertise.

Our Story

Many people grow up with opportunities to attend engineering summer camps, with support at home to pursue computer science, or with role models in science. But not all girls, in fact most girls, do not have the financial means to have these influential experiences, or their community does not provide them with the mentors they need to be confident as a girl in STEM. And this is reflected in the staggering fact that, even in 2020, less than 16% of engineers and architects are women, and only 25% of computer and mathematical positions are occupied by women.

Sydney Gibbard and Mina Shokoufandeh began thinking about founding Girls Code the World in 2018 when they were juniors at The Pennington School in Pennington, New Jersey.

Sydney and Mina decided to found Girls Code the World with the goal of gathering the opportunities that they had access to and sharing them with other girls.

Our organization Girls Code the World provides opportunities, resources, and role models for young girls aged 8 to 12 in STEM-related fields. We empower girls to not just enter STEM fields, but to become leaders in these fields.

There is still significant progress to be made with creating and maintaining a female presence at higher levels of academia and other executive areas of STEM. It is crucial that this work begins at the start of a young female’s formative middle school years.

Historically, the program was hosted in a week-long camp program format in partnership with Christina Seix Academy (CSA) located in Trenton, NJ. During the summer of 2020, Girls Code the World offered two virtual programming options. The first was with CSA’s rising sixth and seventh grade girls in a two-week, half-day format. The second was open to the public through The Pennington School’s Summer Programs and was run for six girls ages 8 to 14 in a one-week, full-day format.

To date, Girls Code the World has reached about fifty girls in the Central New Jersey area through five programming sessions. To find out how you can get involved and make an impact, head to our Involvement Page.

“Every day the students arrive excited to learn and be here, they leave mesmerized and electrified about the new things they learned, and at the end of the Program, they are inspired.”

Elliot Coates, Director of Summer Programs at The Pennington School

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